Saturday, May 19, 2007

Petco 3rd Annual Unleashed! Chihuahua Race

Thanks to everyone who wished Mahal well on her first ever chihuahua race. Gareth, Nikka and I traveled to Kirkland early this morning with the three chihuahuas, Mahal, Zoe and Nina, in tow to take part in the Petco 3rd Annual Chihuahua Race. Meet Team Watermelon, from left to right: Zoe, Mahal & Nina

Why Watermelon? Those were the only matching dresses we could find for all three. However, the team uniform didn't survive the trip. They figured out a way to step out of them. So we got them blinged up for the after-race celebration.

We were met at the racetrack by Gareth's sister and her boyfriend Josh, who registered Zoe to participate also. Mum's chihuahua, Nina, is a little...big Nikka put it, so we didn't race her. (Zoe actually belongs to Gareth's sister, Rhyana, but Zoe and Nina are inseparable, so she allowed Mum to take Zoe when she and Nina moved in with us.)

Petco raced 10 chihuahuas at a time, and there were a good 100 or so chihuahuas in all shapes, colors and sizes in attendance. Mahal and Zoe were placed in the same pack and Josh and Nikka held them at the starting line while Phedre and I waited at the finish line with treats.

The Petco referee yelled, "Ready, set, Petco!" and the chihuahuas were unleashed! .... To wander around the starting line looking around at all the spectators. Mahal eventually trotted down the track, all the while gazing all around her not even paying attention to my yelling, "Mahal!" and waving her favorite stuffed toy like a crazy woman. Phedre had no luck with Zoe either even if her high pitched "Zoeeee! Whee! Wheee! Whee!" resonated across the track.

Mahal could have taken second if she hadn't wandered over to the sideline judges. I guess from their angle, all legs look the same? Instead she got third place. Only 1st and 2nd place advance to the next round though, so it was time to go home.

As for Zoe, she eventually scampered across the finish line after the winners were already declared. At least she finished the race.

Thanks to Josh & Phedre for meeting us in Kirkland and helping us race the wee-wees, and of course much thanks to Nikka for the extra pair of hands! The chihuahuas love her, and I think she had a lot of fun.


" JNuno ® " said...

beautiful dogs

Gen Of Eve said...

Thanks jnuno! We're quite fond of them :)