Friday, May 30, 2008

Badger, Rojo & Dandelion

Badger, Rojo & Dandelion
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Rojo is actually going to be named Guapo by his new owner, which is Tagalog (and Spanish) for handsome. He's the one with the redder nose in the back. His younger (but bigger) brother is Dandelion (name courtesy of my mother-in-law) who, with Badger are still looking for their forever homes.

We'd love to keep them, but my deal with Gareth is if they stay, we have to find homes for 4 other cats. The idea is not to add to our menagerie. I contemplated keeping the one we don't place to provide Autumn, the mama cat, with someone to champion or someone who'll champion her. She's rather put upon by the other cats in the household.

We are picky though about who they go to. We have to know them or they have to be recommended highly by family, and if for any reason they're unable to take care of the kitten they choose, they need to return the kitten to us.

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