Thursday, January 11, 2007

Walkin in a Winter Wonderland

I'm lying. I don't walk in snow. I don't drive in snow. I just love looking at it...through a window. Snow and I don't get along. For one, it's cold, and I don't do well in cold. For another, it turns to ice and makes things slippery. Things like stairs and sidewalks and roads. Things I don't like slipping or falling on. For one who never got the hang of rollerskating, much less ice skating, I don't like that feeling of my feet leaving the ground. I absolutely don't like the feeling of my body hitting the ground, either, snow covered or not. Plus, I wear glasses, and much like rain, snow on my glasses gets irritating after a while.

"So take your glasses off!" one unfortunate listener of my whining once suggested.

"Then I can't see! Hello?" I'm not blind, but I might as well be. Things get blurry beyond 5 inches from my eyes, so I'm useless without my glasses. Contacts aren't an easy option for me because I don't produce enough tears, so they get bothersome after a few hours. So unless I one day become perpetually weepy-eyed, I'm stuck with glasses.

I have this tendency of falling asleep with my glasses on, too, because I fall asleep usually while watching TV or reading a book. So Gareth will often take them off me, and in the morning, since he leaves for work before I wake up, you'll find me scrambling for my glasses, peering so closely at the nightstand I might as well kiss it or even crawling on the floor feeling for them or flinging the comforter around hoping I can hear my glasses crash against the wall so I can follow the sound.

Pathetic, I know.

So right now, I'm gazing out the window (and typing), watching the wind blow the 5 or so inches of snow off the trees and our backyard fence. It's a sunny beautiful day, and I'm enjoying the blanket of snow that's quieted the neighborhood. But as peaceful and serene the winter landscape looks, I'm hoping it melts soon. I told you, snow and I don't get along. I feel like I'm admiring my enemy. Sorry, Mother Nature. Give me her weaker sister, Rain. I have no beef with her. Unless she overstays her welcome again like she did last week. I like it best when she visits only for an hour or so, and I don't mind when she brings Thunder and Lightning with her. I find them fascinating.

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