Sunday, March 25, 2007


Bridal showers are such happy occasions. Last night was my cousin's bridal shower and it was a hoot. The first half was ladies only and then the men came after 3p. We played silly games and had great food and then it was a good time to just chill with other couples. That's when I realized, with my cousin getting married, my circle of cousins & friends that I've hung out with since junior high and up would now all be hitched.

I make friends slowly, but once we're friends, we're friends for life. Even if we lose touch and never see each other again, I will always remember them as a friend. But I have a group of friends I consider my "inner circle" and they are my three best friends from high school, very good friends from college years and my cousins. No one gets booted out of my inner circle even if we haven't been "actively" friends in a while, because the bond remains regardless. They are my friends not only because we share some interests and get along well, but during tahe course of our friendship, we've entrusted each other with secrets or supported each other during life changing experiences.

With Grace getting married, my inner circle will be its own Coupledom since all will be married or semi-permanently partnered. Since this is my inner circle, I see myself the hub that connects these couples, and while some of them may not be in each other's inner circle, they all know each other and I can see them comparing their marriage or partnerships. I do this myself, and I know how others may find their own relationship lacking or succeeding more in certain areas than other(s). Some find this a challenge, and work on their relationships to equal or surpass what they see as ideal. Some find satisfaction and settle in their happiness. This isn't a new phenomena exclusive to couples, we did it as singles and as naturally as women look at an outfit and wonder why it looks better on someone else.

So, no, it's not a perfect coupledom, and I know of at least a couple of partnerships that are struggling to keep it together. You know how nothing's permanent, there are no guarantees in life, yada-yada. But with Grace's upcoming wedding, I feel like my inner circle is reaching an apex of sorts. Though we'll continue forward from that point on, with more life changing experiences and momentous occasions, I can see looking back at this moment in time as when the coupledom of my inner circle was at its most complete, if not most perfect.

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