Friday, March 30, 2007

Meet the Robinsons

I watched the screener for Meet the Robinsons this past Monday, and gotta tell you, if you watch it, make sure you go to a 3-D show. It's amazing!

I wasn't too hyped about wearing 3D glasses the whole time I was watching, but you soon forget you're wearing them because the 3-D effects were pretty damn cool. If you're motion sensitive, you may want to sit way in the back, then it's not too overwhelming.

The movie itself was entertaining. Even though I've seen the trailers a hundred times, when the T-rex said, "I've got a big head and little arms," I still laughed. Maybe because there is more to his bit part. What really got me though was the attention to detail, even down to the reflection of the characters on glass windows and anything shiny.

I never know when something is shown at a review screener if the general public gets to see it, too, but if you go to a 3-D showing, you may get to see a preview of a U2 concert in 3-D. If that's the future of concerts, I may never go to a live one again. It was that awesome. There was also an old Chip & Dale cartoon redone in 3-D and that certainly brought back memories. Kinda eased the old-timers into the new 3-D experience.

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