Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I did see it! I did! I did!

I had to find out. It would just bug me all day if I didn't ask someone. I had just caught a glimpse of something and I wanted to be wrong about it. Badly.

I had a choice to make. Ask Tammy, or ask Amanda.

While Tammy is almost 10 years older than me, Amanda is almost 10 years younger than me. Would one be more sympathetic than the other? Would one understand my concern more than the other? If I did see what I saw, it would be yet another sign of the times.

Biting my lip and feeling slightly stupid, I steppped into Tammy's cubicle and cleared my throat. "Hey, could you look at something for me?"

Tammy turned from her monitor to find me with my back to her. "Uh..sure, what's up?"

"Can you look and see if you" I parted my hair behind my left ear. "Is that a white hair back there?"


"Tammy?" I ask again. "Do you see a white hair back there?"

"Ohmygod!" She cries out, grabbing a handful of my hair.

"What? Is there a lot?"

"Are you like seventy? You'll need to dye your hair to cover all that up!"

My stomach dropped. " Are you serious?!" My face must have betrayed my horror.

Tammy burst out laughing, "Are you serious?

"Well, I saw one and I wanted to make sure I wasn't seeing things."

"No, you weren't seeing things. You saw one. One lousy white hair. You want more? I can give you some of mine."

"Are you sure there's only one? Can you please look closer?"

"Go away."

Tammy chased me out of her cubicle where I ran smack into Amanda, her face flush from laughing at what she apparently overheard. "That. Was. So. Funny."

So I was wrong.

I would get no sympathy or understanding from either.

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