Monday, October 11, 2010

Child of the Moon

Born under the cancer sign, I am a moonchild. My moods seem to be governed by the moon phases, for when I see a full moon, that is when I feel my most content and happy. A new moon, one I cannot see, seems to coincide with the days I feel my most restless and out of sorts.

I've never been one to follow astrology and horoscopes, but when I read descriptions of my sign, they rarely miss the mark. I'm a big fan of relaxation and satisfaction. I am emotional and I'm my happiest when my surroundings are comfortable, and my bitchiest when my environment isn't to my liking. I'm strongly attracted to water and find peace and spiritual recharge when I am within sight of large bodies of water.

Though I'm reluctant to admit it, my mood swings can be extreme. Nothing thrills me more than sweet words and nothing cuts deeper than unkind words. My family is of the utmost importance to me and while I'm friendly, I do not make friends easily. But when I do welcome someone into my world, they become a permanent part of my world.

The connection between my mood and moon phases was probably apparent to everyone (who knows well) but me. I can be kind of oblivious that way. I prefer carefree, but that's not quite accurate. I guess selectively ignorant is probably the better term. I'm sure the correlation will be stronger now that I'm looking for it. So, according to this month's calendar, you and I will like me best around the 21st through the 24th.

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