Friday, June 27, 2008

21 Days of Gratitude: Day 12

I'm using my new cell phone to post this blog, so pardon my brevity. I love my new Samsung Instinct. So grateful that my husband understands my tech geekiness and indulges me my little tech toys.

I had a lovely Friday. My coworkers surprised me with a gift bag of garden decor. Unfortunately I will have to place the figurines carefully because they're frogs in various poses and my MIL is deathly afraid of frogs. Even cute cartoony ones. I was treated to a delicious lunch by my parents and my aunt (Ateng) and got to see my beautiful niece Aubrey and my sweet nephew Andrew.

After dinner at home I enjoyed a nice stroll around the neighborhood with Gareth and Mum who pushed the puppies in a pink stroller. We started what I hope is a new tradition of sharing 5 things that happened today that we're grateful for. Looking forward to a day at the zoo then an early dinner at Salty's at Redondo with my hubby, Mum and I think Phee is joining us. A mellow and special way to turn 36.

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